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Bow Street Market
Zachau's Role
Construction Manager
Project Architect
Bunker & Savage Architects
Challenge Met
Retained the spirit of a beloved local landmark in a facility fit for future growth

Zachau transformed a small local store into a modern, 19,000-square-foot mixed-use facility that now includes a market, office space and rental housing. The Bow Street Market project also required public infrastructure improvements that included the construction of a new public road and sidewalks. Zachau facilitated a process between the building owner and the Town of Freeport that worked to serve both parties’ needs. The final design adhered to the owner’s budget while meeting the town’s vision for the mixed-use district the new market now helps to define. The end result is a space that captures the communal vibe of a cherished local gathering spot in a structure designed to meet a growing town’s needs.

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