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Bowdoin College
Zachau's Role
General Contractor
Project Architect
RFS Engineering
Challenge Met
Installed technically-sophisticated upgrades throughout a large, complex campus during a short summer break

Zachau was honored to be selected as the general contractor for an infrastructure upgrade to one of the top-ranked liberal arts colleges in the nation. But meeting the complex technical requirements of the assignment was just one of the tests the company needed to pass in order to meet Bowdoin College’s high standards for success. The project’s scope extended to many of the school’s 120 buildings, spread throughout a 215-acre campus. What’s more, upgrading the college’s electrical and steam systems required the active project schedule be restricted to the few weeks between the spring and fall semesters. That short time frame included big challenges. One of the greatest was the installation of a 90,000 lb. steam vault connected to the network of pipe, wiring, and technical hardware orchestrated to keep this beacon of higher education warm and bright, all year long.

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