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L.L.Bean, Inc.
Zachau's Role
General Contractor
Project Architect
SMRT Architects
Challenge Met
Created the mixed-use workspace that keeps an iconic brand moving at the pace of modern business

Zachau was chosen to help the local outdoor-retail giant renovate its 30,000 square foot corporate offices to support the company’s growing International and Direct to Business departments. New flooring, rest rooms, and other building upgrades were just the start of a job designed around an open floor plan that will support a more dynamic daily workflow. Interior spaces were built to feature the low-height work stations that provide the perfect balance between privacy and collaborative communication. The plan’s mix of these features along with groups of shared and private spaces lit by modern LED lighting is part of a trend that’s quickly redefining the 21st century workplace. Electrical and mechanical system upgrades were orchestrated in harmony with this structural work to grant L.L.Bean the work environment that can support another century of outstanding customer service.

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