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Linda Bean's Maine Kitchen & Topside Tavern
Zachau's Role
Construction Manager
Project Architect
David Matero Architecture
Challenge Met
Coordinated construction of a year-round restaurant built to serve shoppers in Maine’s premiere retail mecca all day, every day

Zachau was the perfect choice to manage the construction of a full-service, 240-seat restaurant located in the center of the company’s home town. Our process of planning and overseeing the project involved coordination of the partners who could provide the construction services and permits needed to build the 3-story facility and meet the strict standards that allowed Linda Bean’s to open its doors. Customers now enjoy year-round dining that includes such amenities as two dining rooms, two bars, two outdoor patios, and fire pits to warm weary shoppers at the end of their day. Zachau’s project-long role ensured that each design detail noted on the project’s blueprints was executed with the superior quality every Freeport fan expects of the Bean name.

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