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Patrons Oxford Insurance
Zachau's Role
Construction Manager
Project Architect
Scott Simons Architects
Challenge Met
Set the building benchmark for Portland’s pioneering business park

Patrons Oxford Insurance Company was chosen as the first tenant of the brand new Portland Technology Park. Zachau’s role in constructing Patron’s new two-story, 20,000 square foot corporate home laid the first foundations for the dream of enhanced economic growth that inspired the City of Portland to create the development. Zachau worked to meet the modern technological needs of the insurer in a high-performing, environmentally-sensitive design. Open spaces bathed by natural light were crafted to welcome Patron’s 50 employees in a building designed to be adapted for the company’s future growth. As the $5M+ pioneer project in a park being promoted by the state’s largest city, Zachau is proud to support a development that’s bound to build more business for Maine.

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