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Town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Zachau's Role
Construction Manager
Project Architect
Reed and Co. Architecture
Challenge Met
Built an architecturally-integrated structure adjoining an existing, operating school with minimal disruption to students or staff

Bridging the old with the new was the inside story of Zachau’s successful construction of the Thomas Memorial Library. The project required both newly-expanded spaces and renovation to sections of the Pond Cove School building adjoining the library. But the integration of architectural styles was just the first chapter in the new library’s tale. Its improved design granted 13,700 square feet of usable floor space out of a total 16,000 square foot footprint. Energy-efficient lighting, heating, and ventilation systems, and a design that meets federal accessibility regulations were other benefits engineered into the updated space. Its enthusiastic use by local residents has helped Cape Elizabeth turn the page on a problematic public resource to celebrate its warm and welcome replacement.

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